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Long time no see!

It’s been almost three years since I last posted here. Three years! That’s a really long time. A LOT has changed in my life since then.

My dad passed away.

My dad said goodbye to this world on June 2012. I miss him every single day. See you on the Last Day, dad!

Dad and I

I got married!

In October 2012, I married the most beautiful and amazing woman on Earth, Liana Lutz.

Liana and I

I became a stepdad!

Along with Liana came Sabrina, who’s just turned 6.


I moved to the US and now work at Microsoft

In February 2012 I interviewed with Microsoft at their office in São Paulo. I got an offer on the same day, after four rounds of interviews. Almost a year later, in January 2013 I landed in Seattle and now call this place home. A life dream come true!


I am working as a Software Engineer on Microsoft Dynamics AX, a highly customizable ERP product. I was initially supposed to work as a Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET), but before my start date the organization switched to what they call Unified Engineering, where every engineer became a Software Engineer (i.e. there’s no longer a distinction between SDEs and SDETs).

Overall, it’s been great

These past few years have been incredibly enriching for me. I feel that I’ve matured enormously after getting married and becoming a stepdad. I now have a much deeper appreciation for life. And then coming to the US has taught me a lot about standing on my own feet and figuring out my way in a completely new and unknown place. It was very challenging at some points in the beginning, but now we’re pretty much settled, which is great.

No promises, but…

I’ll try not to stay so long without writing anything here. It’s hard to find time to write down a decent post, but lately I’ve decided that I really should work on my writing skills. Let’s see what comes next.

Fond Memories

When I was 9 years old, I used to go to my mom’s workplace to talk to some IT guys who were working there. Eventually, one of them started teaching me BASIC, getting me started into programming and fulfilling my desire to understand how people made “stuff appear on the screen”.

Nowadays I know how bad a language BASIC is, but I eventually get nostalgic. I still sometimes feel like opening an MS-DOS prompt on Microsoft Windows 95 and firing up QBasic 1.0, just to have hours of fun printing things on the screen and making the computer produce all sorts of beeps. Those were really nice days.

Creationism vs. Evolutionism

As a Christian, I’m just growing sick of that absolutely unfruitful discussion. I can’t stand listening to what theologians have to say, nor can I stand what atheists have to say. It’s all a huge load of garbage.

Here are my takes on the issue:

  1. People should only talk about what really concerns them. For me, a theologian who tries to force his faith into scientific reasoning is just as mistaken as the atheist who attempts to prove his unbelief using materialist arguments.
  2. Following the same line of reasoning from the item above, scientific books aren’t religious texts, nor are religious texts scientific books. As Francis Collins points out in The Language of God, scientific books describe the natural world, while religious books (for me, not bookS, only the Christian Bible) talk about the spiritual world.
  3. The whole thing doesn’t make a difference at all for me. The Book of Genesis presents an entirely spiritual issue (the fall of mankind). Whether things happened literally as described there, or if God used evolution as the mechanism for creation, is something that I don’t care much about. I find both alternatives equally admirable in my Creator.
  4. If people want to talk about science, they should talk about science. And if the want to talk about faith, they should talk about faith. Don’t try to mix them. Personally, I believe there is perfect agreement between them, but that agreement doesn’t seem to have been found yet. And we should probably not try to find it: up until now, it has proven to be quite an unhealthy thing.

Maybe I have some more points in the back of my mind, but I think the three above are the main ones. Those are personal opinions. I am NOT trying to convince anyone here. The only thing I would like to ask people for is:

Please stop talking about what you don’t know (or understand)!

And that goes to people in both sides of the issue.

A word for my fellow brothers in Christ: concentrate on what really matters, which is the Gospel of our Lord Jesus. It’s about love, forgiveness, wisdom, tolerance, respect, dignity, honor, and a bunch of other really good things. If you ever happen to discover if the universe was created in literal 7 days or if God decided to take billions of years to create will very likely not add a single bit to the kind and loving character you were taught to pursue.

Filmes do feriado

Neste feriado, estudei pra caramba, mas também deu pra assistir vários filmes:

Só não gostei do Goal! III. A história não tem nada a ver com o Goal II, que termina com “To be continued…”. Perdeu totalmente o sentido, e foi um filme fraco. Thinner não faz meu estilo, mas é um bom filme, assim como The Machinist, que eu achei muito pra baixo. Os outros dois, achei bem legais.

Dental implant

Yesterday, the whole process of getting a dental implant in my mouth was finally finished. I now have a new artificial tooth, and I am amazed at how realistic it looks. It’s really not possible to tell it is an implant by just looking at it. I didn’t really think it was going to be that perfect.

The worst part of the process was the initial surgery for drilling my jaw and installing the titanium receptacle for the implant. That was back in August, and was a terrible experience. The shaking sensation you get from the drill going into your bone is absolutely unpleasant. Besides, anesthesia kept losing its effect and my dentist had to inject some more a few times during the procedure.

Anyways, it’s all done now, and all I have to do is to keep taking care of my implant for the rest of my life. Fortunately, my dentist told me maintenance is not needed so frequently, and there is only a small chance of something going wrong with it.

Personality type

Today I took a personality type test at 41 Questions, and I enjoyed my results.

Apparently, the results can be taken seriously, since the test seems to be based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test. I know that a lot of people criticize this kind of psychological tests, but I believe these tests are worth some value.