Long time no see!

It’s been almost three years since I last posted here. Three years! That’s a really long time. A LOT has changed in my life since then.

My dad passed away.

My dad said goodbye to this world on June 2012. I miss him every single day. See you on the Last Day, dad!

Dad and I

I got married!

In October 2012, I married the most beautiful and amazing woman on Earth, Liana Lutz.

Liana and I

I became a stepdad!

Along with Liana came Sabrina, who’s just turned 6.


I moved to the US and now work at Microsoft

In February 2012 I interviewed with Microsoft at their office in São Paulo. I got an offer on the same day, after four rounds of interviews. Almost a year later, in January 2013 I landed in Seattle and now call this place home. A life dream come true!


I am working as a Software Engineer on Microsoft Dynamics AX, a highly customizable ERP product. I was initially supposed to work as a Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET), but before my start date the organization switched to what they call Unified Engineering, where every engineer became a Software Engineer (i.e. there’s no longer a distinction between SDEs and SDETs).

Overall, it’s been great

These past few years have been incredibly enriching for me. I feel that I’ve matured enormously after getting married and becoming a stepdad. I now have a much deeper appreciation for life. And then coming to the US has taught me a lot about standing on my own feet and figuring out my way in a completely new and unknown place. It was very challenging at some points in the beginning, but now we’re pretty much settled, which is great.

No promises, but…

I’ll try not to stay so long without writing anything here. It’s hard to find time to write down a decent post, but lately I’ve decided that I really should work on my writing skills. Let’s see what comes next.